DTV Shredder tracked skateboard runs on 4-stroke Honda go-kart engine

Created by Canadian company BPG Werks, the “DTV Shredder” is essentially a tracked skateboard intended toward skateboard enthusiasts looking to cross all the barriers in speed and thrill. Running on a small 15hp 4-stroke Honda go-kart engine capable of reaching of the top speed of 30mph, the off-road vehicle also features the carbon-fiber handlebar with throttle control and cutoff switch, which keeps the rider intact even at high speeds. The handle of the DTV Shredder folds down to fit in the back of a car that males it highly transportable. The engine of the vehicle weighs about 85 lbs (38kgs), which makes it just ideal to perform stunts, jumps and tricks in different surfaces or terrains. Capable of climbing a slope of 40 degrees, the off-roader presents 3″ of suspension travel and a four-foot turning circle to enhance the experience of the rider. Moreover, the DTV Shredder can tow a car with ease.

Via: BPG Werks


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